urvis bike

Cargo bike as a service

Urvis is a one stop solution for last mile delivery offering robust e-cargo bike as a service. We believe in creating a cargo bicycle that will grant its users greater flexibility in urban areas. This is our contribution to reducing carbon emissions while still supporting business

Monthly payments

Monthly payments, limited
initial cash outflow

Individually customised bicycle

Individually customised bicycle,
catering to specific needs of clients

Full guarantee and maintenance

Full guarantee and maintenance
covered by the monthly fee


Paweł Raja - Urvis Bike

Paweł Raja

CEO & Founder

PhD in economics, founder of the Bike Republic mobile service, authorized by leading bicycle brands. Previously, he managed various projects, including at Credit Suisse and UBS.

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Janusz Żebrowski - Urvis Bike

Przemek Żebrowski


Entrepreneur and investor. Instrumental in the K2 Group's market success. Founder of the Antymateria bicycle brand in Warsaw and the boutique Werksztat co-work. Passionate about bicycles, advocate of a transport that will reduce the risk of having to look for a new planet to live in.

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Krzysztof Michałek - Urvis Bike

Krzysztof Michałek

Business development

Manager with several years of experience in the bicycle industry. Currently, the managing director of the Belgian company Bzen Bikes, that manufactures innovative city e-bikes.

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