URVIS Pure Flatbed

  • Ariline mounting rails by Allsafe
  • KERL 500 system – holders
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Load capacity
150 kg
25 km/h
with assist
up to 80 km
(choose your colour!)

  • Fork SPINNER 300
  • Gear SHIMANO DEORE 1x10
  • Front sprocket SHIMANO 34T, 104BCD
  • Chain KMC
  • Brakes Magura MT5
  • Engine BAFANG G040.250.DC
  • Battery BAFANG 623 Wh
  • Display BAFANG C10
  • Rear tyre SCHWALBE PICK-UP 60-559
  • Front tyre SCHWALBE BIG APPLE 55-406
  • Spokes RICHMAN / SAPIM (14G)
  • Seatpost ZOOM
  • Pedals WEELGO C318RB

Urvis Bike is the answer to the challenges of traffic jams, global warming and the need to speed up deliveries while creating friendly cities.

Our cargo bike has a load capacity of up to 150 kg and a battery range of up to 70 km. This makes it possible for parcel and food deliverers, service workers (plumbers, gardeners, etc.) or people using a cargo bike for family purposes to get around town quickly and conveniently without using a car.

For business, the cargo bike is both a solution to the challenges of last-mile logistics and a support for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) attitude. The cargo bicycle is an increasingly strong and globally accentuated segment of environmental policy. According to research by the organisation Possible, cargo bikes reduce emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans and by a third compared to electric vans. At the same time, cargo bikes achieve higher average speeds in city centres and make deliveries 60% faster than cars.

Thanks to the very low “total cost of ownership” of Urvis Bike cargo bikes, electric assistance and the option to modify them as required – this type of cargo bike speeds up the operation of businesses burdened by urban infrastructure, drastically reduces the cost of ownership, sets new developments in transport and supports the smart city concept.

In Urvis electric motor located in the rear wheel (hub) was used. The advantage of this solution is that the frame can be used to configure a bicycle with a ‘classic’ drive, i.e. without assistance. The maximum power of the electric motor is defined by standard EN 15194 (EPAC) and is 250W.

A cargo bike, due to its size, weight and use, should be equipped with a high-capacity battery. The Urvis Bike is fitted with the highest capacity battery available – 750Wh. The battery has been positioned vertically, to the right of the steering column, just behind the rear wall of the load compartment. Its position allows it to slide freely out of the mounting rail, e.g. for charging (charging can be done on the bike) or replacement. The controller is located behind the battery mounting rail. The range of a cargo bike fitted with a 750Wh battery is approximately 70 km – this is dependent on road conditions, the weight of the load and the weather (temperature).

Heavy-duty 1 1/8″ standard rudder bearings are used to seat the fork and steering column. The selected rudders are fitted with heavy-duty ancillary machine bearings (ACB) and 6061-T6 aluminium forged bowls. The diameter of the rear wheel axle is dictated by the type of electric motor of this cargo bike and is 10 mm. The front wheel, on the other hand, uses a 15 mm diameter through axle.

The rear uses a wheel in the popular 26″ size and the front uses a 20″ size. This makes the front part of the frame more ‘compact’ and the entire wheel and fork assembly takes up much less space. This results in a larger load space. Another advantage of the 20″ wheel is that it does not “protrude” beyond the frame contour when turning. The wheels are built on sturdy double-walled aluminium rims, in which the spoke hole slots are additionally reinforced with bushings. In addition, oversized stainless steel spokes with a diameter of 2.3 mm were used.

An interesting solution for the load compartment floor is the special Airline mounting rails (by Allsafe). These are made of lightweight aluminium alloy in the form of extruded rectangular profiles in which circular sockets have been CNC-milled. These slots can be used for the installation of various components, such as holders for the KERL 500 system.

  • StVZO cycle lights are designed to comply with German traffic regulations. With a beam shaped so as not to dazzle other road users. These lights differ from other lights in that they have a ‘cut-off’, which keeps the beam aimed directly at the road ahead and theoretically out of sight of other road users when riding at night. In addition, according to StvZO regulations, bicycle pedals must be fitted with yellow reflectors pointing forwards and backwards.Solutions used on our cargo bike:

Personal collection of the bicycle at Antymateria shops in Wrocław and Warsaw.

st. Zdziechowskiego 7/U4
02-659 Warszawa

st. Benedykta Polaka 10/U4
50-379 Wrocław

Personal collection in our partner shops:

st. Mikołowska 65
44-203 Rybnik
mobile: +48 571 846 224
e: biuro@tosabikes.com

st. Roberta Kocha 47
64-200 Wolsztyn
mobile: +48 788 984 878
e: biuro.mazim@gmail.com

ul. Kościelna 58
60-539 Poznań
phone: +48 61 845 51 50
e: sklep@newbikeday.pl

Goniec – Rowery Cargo
ul. Rapackiego 3/4c
71-468 Szczecin
tel: +48 607 921 348
e: kontakt@rowerycargo.eu

Łódzkie Centrum Rowerowe
Al. Piłsudskiego 67
90-329 Łódź
tel: +48 577 481 038
e: sklep@lodzkiecentrumrowerowe.pl

All our shipments are carried out by an external transport company.

URVIS Pure Flatbed

  • Ariline mounting rails by Allsafe
  • KERL 500 system – holders
15 300  w tym VAT Z VAT
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